True-Self Weight Management Program

TRUE-SELF WEIGHT MANAGEMENT is a programme that I have formulated to cleanse through the liver and gut and start you on a health journey that you can follow for a life-time.

All up the programme is 7 weeks initially followed by an 8th visit 4 weeks after completion of the programme.

During the programme you are fully supported with weekly visits incorporating weigh in’s, measures and Blood Pressure checks. These appointments give you the chance to talk about your journey and keep you on track.  I also monitor any medications that you may be taking.

My success stories are fantastic and all of my clients are superbly happy with the programme and their results. Even clients that have been yo yo dieting for years.

You will develop a new understanding of your body and your nutritional needs.

One of the best things is that Health Fund Rebates apply, so making the programme very appealing.

Please call me for more information and I can also put you in touch with ladies and gentlemen that have completed the programme if you so desire.

0424 494949

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Susan Byrne - True Self Weight Health Program