Diet & Lifestyle Counselling


On an initial consultation with me we go through your history, life-style, dietary intake, sleeping habits, tongue analysis, Iridology, nail analysis, zinc testing, and blood pressure reading.

To enable me to make a complete assessment of your needs, all of these things are the fundamental elements required to treat and prescribe for the patient individually.

Prescription of unique and individual herbal medicine preparations and supplements that may be required are based on this initial consultation.

I also prepare and supply Nutritional Intake sheets for the subsequent consultation that I prepare in my own time after careful consideration of the patient’s history and current health presentation.

In the facts on the Nutritional sheets, I also advise on life-style advice and changes to life-style that may be necessary to improve patient’s health.

The history taking is very concise and I base much of this on my Nursing background. I need to have a deep understanding of any familial illnesses and of any medication that the patient may be taking now or may have been on in the past.

My medical background greatly assists in my understanding of Western medicine and contra-indications that may occur.

I seek to understand my patient inside and out to offer the very best advice and supplementation to support their health and recovery if disease is present.


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