Mineral Therapy & Flower Essences


Mineral therapy is a modality and treatment that I use to help improve health and well-being.

People may become mineral deficient through illness, poor diet, poor food choices, inability to absorb nutrients, high stess and anxiety and excess fluid loss.

I examine my patients’ for signs of depletion and recommend supplementation to re-establish balance and correct homeostatis or internal regulation.


Mineral therapy is used to treat the underlying cause  of an illness or depletion in the patient.

Mineral therapy is used for arthritic conditions, inflammatory conditions, tremor of muscles, migraine and headache, fibro and poly myalgia, fatigue, depression and anxiety and insomia amongst others.


The energetics or power of the flower essence proves itself with the ability to make a difference to babies, children and animals that have no idea or expectation of their medicine.

The healing ability of the bush flower essence is sometimes astounding even to me. They tend to work on a higher level than any other remedy, and can act as a catalyst to assist in the resolve of many negative emotional states. They can assist one to tap into their intuitive capabilities and heal on an emotional, spiritual and mental level. Being that many physical illnesses begin with an emotional trauma, the use of bush flower essences to re-establish harmony in the body is often the precedent to healing many disease processes.


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