There’s Something To Talk About And Its Right In Geelong

Something to Talk AboutGeelong


As a Natural Health Practitioner, a Nurse and a Naturopath,  NOTHING and I MEAN NOTHING; gets me more excited and enthused than a natural health treatment. So even though I am not one to spruik about business in my blogs, when I heard about this one in particular and after a private tour,  I couldn’t help but make it the focus of this month’s offering.

The business and fab place of wellness in question? Mind Body & Salt in East Geelong.

I had the pleasure recently of a guided tour of this haven with owner Dan Riches. It was a pure delight and I am booking in quick smart to indulge, to enjoy but more importantly reap the health benefits of the state of the art facilities including Salt Rooms and Floatation Pods. Dan had a friend who suffered terribly from Asthma years ago and researched the benefits of Salt therapy; the outcome was astounding. So over a few years and extensive planning, this evolved into an exciting venture that has Geelong talking and visiting in droves. 5000 bookings since the opening? Well this is something to talk about! Alongside the affiliation with Supercats and Geelong Footy Club for remedial recovery, it’s pretty obvious something special has been created here.

So what exactly is a Salt Room and how does it benefit health?

A salt room has walls lined with salt and is created to help a variety of ailments. However, Dan and the team Mind Body Salt have done their sports medicine research and have taken the concept to a whole new level.

MBSalt Room

The formal name given is Halotherapy, derived from the the Greek halos, meaning “salt”. It is a therapy with a lineage that stretches back as far as the twelfth century Poland.


According to Aerosol Medical Journal Halotherapy (HT) is a mode of treatments in a controlled air medium which simulates a natural salt cave microclimate. The efficacy of Speleotherapy is associated with the unique cave microclimate. The natural dry sodium chloride aerosol is the major curative factor of the cave microclimate. It is formed by the convective diffusion from salt walls. Other factors such as comfortable temperature and humidity regime, the hypo bacterial and allergen-free air environment saturated with aero ions enhance the therapeutic effect.

Created with comfort in mind, there are rooms for the grown ups and rooms for kids- with salt walls, but more importantly, they are fitted with a filtration system called a Halo generator that also emits the purest and tiniest micro salt particles in the world, pure sodium chloride.


P1000786It has created a considerable interest for hundreds of years by clinicians to the development of drug-free respiratory and skin treatments.

Dan tells us that often parents bring kids in if they have the beginnings of a cold, the antibacterial environment prevents spread of germs, while the salt filtration helps to clear and dry up those little noses in a safe and drug-free way. “We have had an overwhelmingly positive response from the people of Geelong, with reports of improved chronic skin conditions, asthma relief, bronchial relief, arthritic relief and even increased lung function. We have also introduced kid’s meditation classes, which have been a big hit.”

MBSalt Pods-2In addition to the Salt Rooms, Mind Body Salt also has Floatation Pods. An incredible experience set in luxe surrounds. With high salt content, the tanks are something to behold and have remarkable rehabilitative and rejuvenating components. “If you can swim in the ocean, you can float in our tanks, with a temperature controlled and nurturing environment, the experience really has people talking.” There is even a couple’s float pool with a synergy of lighting and mood that is heaven for the stressed out human, an Australian first.

My favourite bit: the acclimatisation lounge area Dan has devised to help clients re-acclimatise after such a sensory experience. “People can find it abrupt to go from this completely silent, sensory -dulled environment back into the hectic noise and bustle of the world outside, so we encourage them to take their time in the private lounge area, where they have access to complimentary refreshments including health teas.” MBsalt Lounge

So, from Your Naturopath to You- do yourself a favour and visit this wonderful new edition to East Geelong. We certainly will be! x Susan

For more information about Mind Body Salt Visit:

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Saint-Petersburg Pavlov National Medical University, Russia

Joint- Stock Company Aero med, Saint-Petersburg, Russia


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