You do WHAT?





Many people have a broad idea of what a Naturopath may or may not do. So perhaps you might like to hear what I do?

I see many patients’ that tell me that they have never been to a Naturopath before and have no idea what I do or what I offer in regards to health, but have come along on a recommendation.

Many people have no knowledge of how Naturopathy and Natural medicines can help them. I am an educator of health. The origin of the academic title ‘Doctor’ is derived from the Latin verb docere, which means ‘to teach’.

I use my training in Natural medicine to benefit my patient’s with health improving advice. This information is based on healthy eating and herbal medicine as well as the use of supplementation where necessary.
Every individual has their set of personal circumstances and life history that I take into account during the consultation.

Wellness and feeling truly energised and alive are every person’s goal in life but unfortunately, we so often put this to the back of our ‘to do’ list. Why? Why do we settle for second best when it comes to our health?

This is where I can teach you that without your health, nothing will run smoothly in your day. You know what it’s like when you become unwell and your world grinds to a halt. Allowing your body to become so depleted that ill health looms is what I try to prevent.

Do you have days where you just can’t seem to muster energy? You feel tired, or just like you are running on empty? Maybe you think it’s just a part of life, of getting older.

Tired woman sleeping on the coach at office

Do you feel like you just don’t have time to be going to appointments and investing in health when there’s nothing really ‘wrong,’ well you know, it just isn’t as important? As important as what?

You see this is where the education comes in. We often don’t go to the doctors unless there is something wrong. But what if you could be pro-active with your health? What if I could educate you and help rebalance your body to restore energy, vitality and a good immune system? This is pro-active health!

I can teach you to have a better understanding of your own being and to understand your own personal warning signals.

human-body-with-internal-organs_f1X8bOd_.jpgYou know it’s too late to put more water in the radiator once it has boiled dry and you have a blown head gasket.

Preventative medicine and a healthy understanding of what your human body requires is the difference between ill health and low energy, to glowing health and the energy to do whatever you want to do.

Be well, be aware and remember, your body, your responsibility. This is not a rehearsal!


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