Bio-Availability of Foods with Your Naturopath Susan Byrne

bioavaialability in foods

The bio-availability of foods is the way we break down the nutrients in foods to make them available in our body.

Bioavailability is the degree to which the nutrients in the foodstuff can be broken down and absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract and utilized throughout the body.
This bio-availability is critical and essential to our health.
Lifestyle choices, pre-existing health conditions, pregnancy, and age can all have an immediate effect on our body’s ability to glean the nutrients from our food intake.
It is also a major factor when we are purchasing vitamins and other supplements over the counter. Where these supplements come from, the manufacturing technique used to produce them, if they are sourced from reputable companies and countries that reflect the standards in Australia and the age of the supplements as they can become rancid and there-fore less effective with age.
Another factor is the nutrient/drug interactions. Some drugs or medications may decrease the nutrient availability from our foods and supplements.
People can become nutrient deficient because of the medications that they are taking and this can lead to further health issues. Quite often medications can alter the way our body absorbs nutrients and important components needed to fuel and support the body’s health and balance.
Factors that influence the bio-availability of nutrients by the body include:
DIGESTION: How well an individual can digest foods and supplements.
ABSORPTION: If the gut is unable to absorb a nutrient it becomes worthless to the body.
DISTRIBUTION: The way the nutrient is circulating in the blood throughout the body, how it is then distributed to various components and organs.
ACCESS: The way the specific nutrients has access into the specific body cell, tissue, and fluids in which it becomes physiologically effective.
So, once again, the most important part of our body is our G.I.T. (gastrointestinal tract) or the gut. Everything that goes into the gut affects the body.

Everything starts in the gut, and if the gut flora (good and bad bacteria that lives in everyone’s gut) is compromised by dis-ease, virus, bacteria, medication including the use of anti-biotics and poor food choices then the bio-availability of nutrients is radically decreased leading to further deficiencies and culminating in further dis-ease.

When we do the True Self Weight Management, the results are incredible with overwhelming results, and why do we have genuine results? There’s no trick or treat or special pill. We start with assessing each person’s gut health and the ability of the body to access the bioavailability in foods. It is an entire holistic overhaul of the body, once the body achieves balance, it is restored to a healthy weight.

TREAT THE GUT! My war-cry with every single human and animal!


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