Your Life Is In Your Hands- Your Naturopath Susan Byrne

Your Life Is In Your Hands

Is there a more significant gift than good health? I think not!

Holistic health is an approach to life. It’s how we view ourselves. It considers the whole person and how she or he interacts with their environment. It is the connection of mind, body, and spirit. We are talking about the essence of who you are as a whole being.

To achieve optimum health, we need to address our own needs as a unique being regularly. It is critical according to the statistics released this month from the Australian 2018 Health Report. The report shows half of us have a chronic condition and these conditions are responsible for most deaths. Scary right?


The most critical element in creating your best holistic health in this lifetime is to learn to put yourself first.

Some may find this difficult to comprehend, but if you are not fit and well, the whole platform of life whether it be family, career, business or all of the above, will falter.

We all become ill occasionally, and I believe sometimes this is the universe slowing us down. To make us stop, take a breath and maybe even lie down and rest to restore equilibrium. To teach us all that we are indeed mortals and not machines. To stop us all together is often death, so lets first look at our health.

Are you doing enough to keep yourself healthy in the long term? Is your nutritional intake optimum? Do you need some help or advice around this?

At different stages in our lives, supplementation may be necessary. This may alleviate the need for medication at a later stage. Sometimes the need arises to feed the body with concentrated nutrients to recover from or to lower our chances of illness.
Are you exercising enough? I don’t necessarily mean gym memberships; I mean simple daily exercises like walking or gardening. Just easy, day to day routines.

Would you like to learn yoga so that you can keep your body supple? Well, do it! It won’t come to you, and you need to get out there and allow yourself the time. A little meditation practice every day will re-charge and rejuvenate the mind also.


Are you spending far too much time checking your phone or computer?

Digital tool use before sleep is far too stimulating to the brain especially at the end of the day when we are designed to slow down and allow our melatonin to kick in to allow for a restful nights sleep. According to Review of Optometry; blue light, which is part of the visible light spectrum, reaches more in-depth into the eye and its cumulative effect can cause damage to the retina. Furthermore, in specific wavelengths, blue light is implicated in the development of age-related macular degeneration (AMD)

Get into the habit of turning these devices off 2 hours before retiring at night, and you will be amazed at the improved quality of sleep that you will achieve.

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One of the most critical aspects of maintaining a healthy body and mind is sleep.

How is your night time routine? The more hours sleep you get before midnight, the better your body can cope with daily life and warding off viruses and illness.

Look after your body, you are so worth it.

Do you need help with getting your health on track? Give me a call!

My number is 0424 49 49 49 or you can fill out the contact form below:





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